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I am very disappointed in Tom’s hardware for posting a comparison of the new Athlon 64 FX-51 and the Athlon 64. Unfortunate that they would rather meet deadlines than report the truth! Here to prove my point check this review out . The Tech Report seems to have gotten their act together and their technicians seem to have what it takes when putting together test systems. The new AMD 64 smokes Intel in this report. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom’s Hardware were a subdivision of Intel!
AMD Forever!
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  1. I counted them, bechmarks 19:16 favoring AMD. You said smokes? It would have to be more like 24-11 to call it smoking, or at least 23-12.

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  2. I enjoyed this <A HREF="" target="_new">article</A>. It truly shows that bias can flow either way. The graphs on cache performance were icing on the cake as were various jovial jabs at many shortcomings of the contenders.

    Note: I have yet to read any other reviews other than this one and Toms.

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