Can i run malwarbytes in safe mode

Hello, I installed malwearbytes yesterday. It ran a scan and attemped to remove svc host. Not sure if this was a virus or a real part of the windows operating system. Anyhow, now the computer will only start in Safe mode. Can I start by running malwarebytes in Safe mode? I already tried a system restore to yesterday, however, so I will have to rinstall malwarebytes in safe mode.
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  1. Additional thought: You are running an antivirus software as well I hope. Otherwise that could have been the root of your current problem.

    edit: And your "problem" that was detected is probably in that system image you tried to restore as well.
  2. Yes I was also running Microsoft's antivirus software
  3. could malwarebytes have removed an essential piece of software? that's what I am mainly curious about.
  4. It shouldn't have.

    Were you able to force it back to normal startup using the how-to link?
  5. Malwarebytes is great in my opinion. I do notice however that Norton Utilities will remove some items that it misses after a internet session is closed and I run the software.
  6. Hi :)

    Yes, you can...perfectly safely...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. I doubt it is removing an essential windows file. I have malwarebytes running alongside Avast. Sometimes malwarebytes catches bad things, sometimes avast does.
  8. Traildriver said:
    It shouldn't have.

    Were you able to force it back to normal startup using the how-to link?

    It will start in normal mode but then it just hangs . . . I folowed the first few steps but the "start in safe mode" box was not checked. So I didn't keep going.

    I just ran malwarebytes in safe mode, and it removed two Trojans, the computer then starts normally (well, it looked normal) but then as soon as I tried to do anything I go the bluescreen.

    I think I will try Rootkit next?
  9. Have you tried using that method to put it into safe mode (check the box). Do a restart. Test the system for stability. Uncheck the box and restart normally?

    Have you tried selective startup in that you disable all your optional software from running and just run the basics in normal mode and testing the system. Then if the system does not hang, restore them a couple at a time to see if you can isolate the problem software.

    Or, sounds like you need to repair your Windows installation perhaps.

    Check out: and other similar sites.
  10. Unless Malwarebytes is already installed on the machine, you will need a copy on a usb drive.
    Boot to safe mode with networking,
    Install Malwarebytes (if necessary) or start the program.
    Run update before running a scan
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