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So, my PC is connected through my GTX 580s by HDMI to my Denon 1912. Which is great and all but it doesn't support the 120hz refresh for my monitor. I'm currently using the HDMI for sound and having the same monitor connected through DVI so that I can use the 120 hz refresh. The problem is I can't disable the HDMI display or it disables the audio also. So I'm forced to either use extended desktop (which I can't even see the extended area as its on a different input on the same monitor) or use duplicate display which disables sli (which defeats the purpose of having sli GTX 580s). I'm wondering if there is some other way to hook this up so that I may get 5.1 and the 120Hz refresh at the same time.
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    If I understand you correctly,

    Your problem is that when you disconnect HDMI, it disables audio. HDMI is a video/audio cable (both). So if you want to run separate video and audio wires. You need DVI for video, and a Fiberoptic/toslink or coaxial(RCA cable) digital audio connection.
  2. Thx for the reply but I fixed it lol. I feel dumb, that's what I was originally trying to do was use spdif but it wasn't working. Come to find out after tinkering with it another hour that the creative installer on my creative xfi fatality pro didnt install DTS. I installed it myself so now I have my 120Hz and 5.1 surround :D. Thx though.
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