Need feature run-down on all P4 CPU's and chipsets


I would like to hear some advice on what sort of budget components (CPU, memory, motherboard) would be appropriate for the system that I am building for my mother-in-law. She doesn't need a system with gaming horsepower, since all she'll be doing is email, web browsing, word processing, etc.

She already has a case, power supply, video card, sound and network cards, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, hard drive, cd-rom, floppy.

The only thing that I'll be replacing is her old AMD K6 CPU, motherboard, and memory.

I'd like to upgrade her to an entry level P4-based system. But, I haven't been keeping up on all the latest changes and offerings in the P4 line. I know that I will be getting a CPU/motherboard that supports DDR. Money is a critical issue, and I want to keep under budget. I'm afraid RDRAM would be cost prohibitive.

So, what are all of the P4 options for DDR? I need a basic run-down of all the P4 offerings, and how they differ from one another. For example:

What chipsets they are compatible with?
What FSB speed do they support?
Does it have Hyper-Threading?
Different amounts of L1/L2 cache?

What are all of the names for the different P4 CPU's? I've seen the letter "C" thrown around, but I don't know what it means. Can someone just list all of the basic P4 CPU's and a basic rundown of their features?

Also, I'd like to hear some suggestions about motherboard chipsets. (I'm only interested in Intel motherboard chipsets, nothing from a 3rd party please). Again, I have some confusion here. What are all of the Intel chipsets supporting the P4 CPU's? Which ones correspond with which processors? What are the different features for each of the different chipsets?

A big karma thanks to anyone who is even able to accomplish my request. Thanks!

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  1. How much can you spend on Cpu Mobo and Ram?
  2. Intel P4C's have 800 Fsb P4B's 533 P4A's 400
  3. So how much of a difference in performance would I expect between a P4C, P4B, and P4A, given a system that would be used only for common desktop stuff like email, web, word processing, etc.

    I mean, a P4A 1.8Ghz (northwood 512K L2) with at least 256MB of memory would be enough for this application, right?
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