Sony Vaio or Acer Aspire

Which do you think is a better buy in the long run

Acer Aspire 5740g
Intel i5 430m
ATI HD 5650 mobility
Screen resolution (Max) 1366×768

Sony Vaio VPCEB16FG
Intel i3 330m
ATI HD 5650 mobility
Screen resolution (Max) 1920 x 1080

All other specs similar.

1) While acer has better processor, I'm not too sure about its cooling effectiveness. Is vaio's cooling better than acer when we run games?

2) And does it make sense to go for full HD with this graphics card? AFAIK no games will run at this resolution (for this graphics card) and I've heard the games look crappy if we don't play at native resolution? Is it true?

3) And finally does the higher processor in acer (133 MHz more+turbo boost) give a major boost in performance compared to vaio. Will Vaio's processor be a bottle-neck when i play games in low/medium settings.

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    1. Acer's are known to have heating issues, however, they are improving, especially now that they have redesigned their cooling features to support the new core i line of chips.
    2. It depends on your toleration of how it looks. Some people think that some games look decent in non-native resolutions, i.e. "upconverted" to a higher resolution.
    3. With an i3 and the graphics card, I don't think that you'll see much difference in terms of performance. However, check this link out to get a better idea:
  2. Though the Vaio has the inferior processor, i wouldn't buy the Acer; theyre known for being among the least reliable whereas Sony is at the opposite end, being among the most reliable.

    Just get a Vaio with a better cpu. :s
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  4. Thanks for the replies. I bought the acer and it is running smooth...
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