Hardwiring a Blu Ray to a Wireless PC

Ive got a Sony BluRay with an ethernet port. I want to get all that extra stuff Sony promises with the purchase. Firmware as well. It's plugged in directly, but my pc doesn't recognize it. Can it be done?
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  1. Are you using ethernet to a router, or directly to your PC? if it is plugged into a home router, the out of the box settings will normally work. If you're going straight into your PC, you need to do some networking settings with windows to bridge the connections.
  2. You can't use is like a computer BluRay player, read the manual with it on how to use it.

    If you want a PC BluRay player, get one of those.

    If you wipe the firmware and all the programs from the unit, you will have a nice box to rest your plants on.
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