Windows 7 realtek sound and electrical interference


I have a soundproblem with my Packarbell Easynote TJ-75. It's a very annoying sound. Almost like electrical interference but when i disable the Realtek HD Audio it disappears. I've tried all of the supported drivers from realtek, same problem with them all. Any ideas?

Core i5 430M
4GB DDR3 Ram
640GB Westen Digital
Realtek HD Audio
ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650 with ATI HDMI Audio
Windows 7 Home Premium
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  1. definitely a driver issues if the device works when the driver software is disabled...have you tried contacting the company that makes the drivers?
  2. Does the sound persist with the card enabled while the machine is on battery power only?
  3. Yes. With and without the battery and without or with the cord. The only thing that makes it gp away is deactivating Realtek HD Audio in Device Manager. I'm thinking it has to be the drivers? I've tried drivers r2.32 to the newes r2.44 for Realtek HD Audio. None works. Have contacted Realtek but they haven't responded yet. Any ideas?

    The sound can be described like electrical interferece, sort of a whining sound like a broken capacitator, wich is influenced by the work or load in programs running.
  4. It is a hardware problem, so drivers won't fix anything. It just sounds like you got a noisy board. There isn't much you can do for it. You can get a new motherboard, but that's pretty expensive. You can also try an external USB sound card, if you want to deal with one. If it's still under warranty, get it repaired!
  5. Same situation and finally I found that sound came from my IM application, Pidgin: it plays those sounds automatically whenever my buddies log in/out. Tks God for solving this issue :)
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