AMD stock down 17c, INTEL up 42c today

Not a good sign on the day of the launch of a new product methinks.
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  1. well stock dont base upon new launches the base on the market :D and Intel is doing well in the market right now :D

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  2. I dunno, usually launching a major new product has an impact on the market for a short time at least.
  3. Any effect of the P4 EE paper launch changed the price of the stock within minutes or an hour of the PR, as dicated by Modern Portfolio Theory and the Efficient Market. Why? Because it was unexpected, and the effect of the P4 EE was not already included in the price of Intel stock. Analysts know that Prescott, etc. is coming so that information is already included in the price of the stock. Those small variations in stock prices are the day-to-day result of speculation.
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