How do i create an email association for gmail in windows 7

This question is exactly what I am looking for, I think, but I do not understand the answer.

I can give two examples of times when I should be able to send an email from a program but instead get an error message that no email program is associated and I should create an association through Default Programs.

One example is in the program Living Cookbook from Radison Technologies. I should be able to email a recipe to a friend right from the application.

Another example is the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) website. Committee members don't have email addresses that I can see and copy; instead, they have live links showing only the person's name, which I am supposed to click on to bring up and email already addressed and ready to compose. For me, it only brings up the no email association message.

I understand a little about file associations and know, when installing a program, to watch out for them......... however, I cannot figure out to use the Default Programs to make the required association. Maybe, I'm seeing what I need and just don't recognize it??

Can you help me, please? Thank you!
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  1. Get a mail client (like Thunderbird or Opera), and set it up for pop 3 like this:
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