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I have several laptops, and I would like to take one the road. Windows streets and trips wants to connect at 4800 baud on a com port. I have a Bluetooth dongle that defaults to 9600 baud connection. I have a data tagger that runs at 9600 baud.

If I insert dongle windows finds it. I can change default baud rate to whatever. My data tagger and my dongle don't appear to connecting. If they did connect at 9600 Windows wants to operate at 4800.

(I have been able to get system up and running nicely with an ND100 gps device.)

I am new to this system or device.

If someone can help out pleas be gentle as I am on a new learning curve.

If I posted in wrong area, my apologies.

and of course many thanks for looking.
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  1. Is there any software that came with the the gps, tagger, etc...? If so, try seeing if you can disable windows' management of the gps and switch exclusively to software control. Usually you can do this in the software by snooping around the options or properties of the software.
  2. Ty buwish for reply. I grabbed a piece of software that works in conjunction with GPS tagger (Xport) and was able to get system up and rubbing took on my mini holiday with great success, Thanks again
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