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Please give me some options for this setup:

- I have 2 floors in my appartment; On the upper floor I have the PC + Wireless Router; Downstairs I have the Audio Receiver +PS3 + TV.
- Current use: on the PC I have a software called Tversity (and one PS3 Media Server). They enable me to see .avi movies when I want to see them downstairs. The PS3 was more of a medium to play Bds and movies up to now.

My goal :
- I would like to replace the PS3 with something else (cheaper) that can play movies stored on my PC (also .MKV and .Iso ) using the Wireless network.
- I know that there are some WD boxes and such things, but I am not familiar with them.

Let me know if the things above cand be done.

Thank you for your time,
have a nice day.
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  1. There are a few devices that are capable, but the PS3 is probably the best. Try a product called Boxee, it's expensive, but cheaper than a PS3, your options are pretty limited with MKV steaming.
  2. that Boxee is too expensive for me. I will keep the PS3 for now, until I find something else.
    Thank you.
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