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Windows 7 64 bit loaded on a clean formated disc on Dell M5030. However no wifi drive or other drives are installed. Also, I cannot install any drivers I get a message need to know if you are running x84 or x64. How do I fix this problem.
Seems that the software isn't putting the entire programs up.
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  1. The win7 DVD has only a few drivers for older hardware. You need to download the drivers for your model from If you download the right packages, it will not ask for x86 or x64.
  2. what that guy said
  3. you can contact dell or look on ebay and pick up a set of restore cd. for that laptop. it have the dell image and drivers but also the dell spam. the other option is once you install the missing drivers and the programs you need you can make a drive clone or ghost image of your drive. then next time you can run the ghost program and put back the clone image onto the laptop with the drivers and your aps.
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