If I install Windows 7 on my laptop, will there be any issues?

Right now, I have an HP dv6700t laptop. I already know that it has more than enough power to run windows 7. I only want to ask about drivers. If I go ahead and install windows 7 on it, will there be any driver-related issues? I checked HP's website and they said that there are no windows 7 drivers for the laptop that I have. However, I heard that the regular vista drivers will work with Windows 7. Is that true? Or will there be issues with certain things not working if I install windows 7?
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  1. It varies from model to model. Most of the time, you can get drivers for your hardware directly from the manufacturer for certain OSs. Vendor-specific hardware (like the media buttons and such) you may be out of luck on.
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    not only will your vista drivers most likely be compatable...before you go installing them, windows 7 will probably install some lovely drivers.

    I have installed win7 on several older laptops and desktops without having to download a single driver. For those that I do download drivers, it is usually just if they have a nice video card.

    Good luck!
  3. Ok thanks. That's what I needed to know.
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  5. Does anyone else have anything to throw in?
  6. Pretty much all that can be said has. You won't be able to know more until you actually do it and come up with problems (if any).
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  8. You might search the net and find other owners of the same hp model that have upgraded it and see what their experience has been. If nothing else you could search the forums on
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