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I recently have come into possession of a HP laptop, loaded with programs that look as though they actually do something, but are rather dubious. Could anyone say which ones are necessary (or at least needed for the computer) and which ones are just hogging loading time:
DVD Menu Pack for HP MediaSmart Video
HP 3D DriveGuard
HP Advisor
HP Customer Participation Program
HP Document Manager
HP Imaging Device Functions
HP MediaSmart DVD
HP MediaSmart Internet TV
HP MediaSmart Movies and TV
HP MediaSmart Music
HP MediaSmart Photo
HP MediaSmart SmartMenu
HP MediaSmart Video
HP MediaSmart WebCam
HP QuickLaunch
HP Setup
HP Smart Web Printing
HP Software Framework
HP Solution Center
HP Tone Control
HP Update
HP User Guides
Movie Theme Pack for HP MediaSmart Video

Solution Center is the only one I have ever needed to use. Any advice?
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    Suggest you download Revo Uninstaller (free) and start to remove some of the HP programs. Revo uninstalls and then removes any registery issues associated with the program. Helps keep the registery clean after uninstalls. Do you need HP TV or Netflick programs??

    There is also a program called decrapifier (free) for removing junk from new computers but I think Revo does a better job. Make sure you establish a restore point before removing any programs. That way you can go back if program was necessary.
    P.S. Before you ask Why would I need more software when I can get by with less?because those softwares do a more complete job than windows uninstallers or do it all faster with less time on your part respectively. Revo clears your registry which isnt usually done. It also removes left over empty folders and such. These things if left to build up on your computer (if you dont reformat often) will eventually slow it down. Decrapifier will remove programs you dont need without you having to research each individual one and remove them all one by one yourself.
    These are very light programs made by good programmers not the menial coders hired by microsoft, hp, toshiba, etc. to do their smaller jobs (part of the reason bloat slows your computer so much without doing much of anything for you. Decrapifier is a use and delete thing and though you will only be able to get revo as a trial, it works better than most. These are the tools most of us programmers, IT's, "Geeks", and other tech "gurus" use, and why when we fix things they really get fixed. Most of the software repairs and such that I do boil down to just using the right small utility program for the job. If you don't use it, that's fine I don't always either depending on the user level of the client.
  2. Thanks, both for the programs and the explanation.
  3. Your welcome!
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  5. I would also take a look at "Should I Remove It" (
    It's a free site that offers a lot of helpful information about the installed apps on your PC. In addition to identifying the program in question, it also gives you a percentage of how many other users removed or kept that item on their PC. You can also do a search by the publisher or manufacturer directly, so you could type in the type of laptop laptop you have, and "Should I Remove It" will give the appropriate info. So easy, simple... and you don't even have to login (added bonus in my book)
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