Gateway P-6860 Screen Upgrade

Hi Guys, sorry for posting this question if it was already answered as I didn't see many real answers for this model.

I am looking to upgrade my screen on my laptop. The XGA resolution isn't cutting it for me anymore. I was looking to see if I can upgrade it to a WUXGA screen instead.

Basically, I've upgraded most of the parts i can on this PC (blu-ray, cpu (T9500, second drive for raid 0). Right now I'm facing having to get a new laptop or upgrading this one. I really need a better resolution on my laptop, so does anyone know if there is a WUXGA (or even a WSXGA) screen upgrade somewhere?

When I search around google I see alot for the FX 7 series, think those will work?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. You bothered upgrading a Gateway laptop? WHY?

    Can you just plug in an external monitor? prolly alot cheaper and 100% aslong as you have HDMI/DVI etc
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