Acquiring AMD 64 units to review XP64 on

Does any one know who someone needs to go through to get a review unit? Is it a complicated procedure? I know most people probably don't need another review, but I think I may be able to add something. At work I've got a Windows XP 64 bit beta for the athlon systems, and I haven't seen any reviews showing how that compares to the normal 32 bit in performance. The only problem is I don't have a Athlon64. Nor likely to soon at the current prices. I don't have much money to spend on stuff right now so. Any ideas on who to contact? Or should I just give up and wait for someone else to do it?

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  1. Sorry, no ideas. But I would be interested in seeing that, as you said nobody has touched it. Good Luck. :wink:

    Dazzle them with Brilliance, or Baffle them with BS! :wink:
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