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I am trying to get an HP ScanJet IIc to operate in Windows Vista.

When Windows 98 was released HP recommended an aftermarket SCSI card.

I purchased the AdvanSys 2.xx from their list of choices.

This has been good, through Windows XP.

With Windows Vista updates are needed.

I have not been able to find AdvanSys as a company.

My question(s)
Are there any known update drivers for the current hardware?
Would converting to a different SCSI card work?
Are there any USB to SCSI converters that will work?

I know it would probably be less costly for me to just just update my scanner, but I guess I am taking an exercise in research.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. I wouldn't spend money on a USB to SCSI adapter - they often do not work with scanners.

    Advansys is deceased I think, but I use one of their PCI adapters with my Acer film scanner without problems in WinXP.

    To be brutal, I don't rate HP scanners and given that Canon and Epson units are fairly cheap I would buy a new USB scanner.
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