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as i have blown my home theatre up i have wired my speakers up to a headphone jack and plugged it into my laptop and there not really loud i want them to be louder how would i do this ?
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  1. You need to add an amplifier to your speakers. The 3.5mm jack that your headphones use is a line level signal, and is not intended to actually power speakers. You can probably pick up a used/cheap amp for less than $50 from craigslist.
  2. thanks ill do that and for the part on my sround sound that has blown i dont know whats its called how do you upload pictures on here from pc ?
  3. i'd assume you upload to photobucket, and link.
  4. its the mother bored with the speaker ports on with 2 chips with a mental finnof it i think the amp part well the chips have gone black and bits missing from them can i get the chips replaced or is it a hole new job
  5. if you can get a part number, you could try to replace it. Depending on the value of the unit, it may or may not be worth replacing. Major components tend to approach cost of a full replacement unit.
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