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im looking to buy a $400-$1500 projector annd ive seen alot of lcd and dlp lamps for them i would like to know which is better for like fast movement for like video games and whatt the difference between them noise from the projector is fine i want a good stable projector that i can get replacement bulbs for around $100-$400 i would like 1080p or 720p able to have a nice big screen of like 100-200inch and still look half way good and not fuzzy if you can give any comments i would be very thankful please and thank you
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  1. Take a serious look at the Epson 8350.
    If you don't go that route, avoid any 720p projectors. You'll just be kicking yourself later on (especially with that projected image size).

    -Wolf sends
  2. Projectors generally do not have motion artifacts like LCD TVs. So either will work. I agree that the Epson is a great way to go. They have excellent picture quality and the company has very good customer service. They often have special deals and rebates so check out their website.
  3. Agreed with epson in your price range, panasonic has a few LCOS, and LG has one lcos i'd look at. I"m not personally a DLP fan, as i can see the rainbowing effects of a single chip model.
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