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OK, I want to get a new computer, mainly for gaming. I would like to only spend $800 if possible, and really want it for Doom 3, HL2 ect. I was thinking of waiting until Intel lowered p4 prices next month and getting 2.4 p4 with 800mhz bus and Radeon 9800. I already have a 21 in monitor - so I don't need a new one. What would you recommend? I would like to buy the complete system from 1 place, and I want at least the Radeon 9800. Would AMD be better? All suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Anyone?
  2. For a budget like that, I'd say either an Intel NWC 2.4GHz like you said, or a Barton 2500+ if you don't mind OCing.

    You might want to wait a few though not just for CPU prices but for video prices as well. The XMas season is bound to see some new graphics cards and hopefully that'll mean lower prices on existing ones too. :)

    HL2 probably won't be out before November and D3 probably won't be out until sometime next year, so you have time to wait for the new goodies to come out for the XMas shopping season. :)

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  3. A good video card is much more important than a CPU for gaming. I'd get a cheaper Athlon and a more expensive video card.

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  4. Does the faster 800mhz bus on the p4 give any help with games, or is it mainly marketing hype? While I know that for games most of what counts now is the Graphics Card, I figured if I was going to upgrade to get the most out the CPU I could for the money. I had seen some offers that were in my price range a month or 2 ago, but they seem to be more expensive now. I should also say I don't care about the harddrive size (40 gb is fine), or optical drive. I'm mainly trying to max the cpu and graphics. Where would you recommend buying an Athalon system from? The 2500+ does seem good. Thanks again
  5. I just built the following system and really like it.

    P4 2.4 GHZ ($161), with fan, heatsink.
    Asus Motherboard P4C800 ($200)
    DDR 3200 Ram 512 $120
    Antec Sonata case ($60 on sale now, staples with rebate, ends soon)
    ATI 9700, $250

    That is $791, but does not include hard drive, or sound card. If you need a hard drive, you can usually pick one up for $30 if you watch for rebates (fatwallet.com), and you could get a soundblaster live soundcard 5.1 for $44 from Amazon.com

    I think you will be really happy with the system. The Sonata case is very quiet, and looks cool (black piano finish).
  6. He could save nearly $100 by using the Abit IS7.

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  7. You beat me to that one.
  8. Thanks a lot for the help. I'm looking forward to a new system.
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