Hdmi looks bad

i have a 1080p hdtv
its connected to my computer with a hdmi cable to my hd 7950
my picture looked a lot better on a vga cable with a hd 6450 connected.

my card doesnt have vga so unless someone can fix this il have to buy an adapter and hope that fixes it.

anyway issue im geting is text looks very jagged and at the high resolution its small so its aggravating to read most things.theres also a black border around the screen ive kinda fixed that by geting catalyst control centre to overscan? i think it zooms it in so i zoomed it past the black borders.

thanks for any help
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  1. Depending on the Television brand and model, you need to adjust your settings. Most TVs come set with the sharpness way too high, and the colors are always out of balance. (This is how they sell them in the showroom). Almost all non budget television sets also come with some sort of PC mode for eliminating overscan. Once again, this depends on the model of your TV. many examples are : PC Mode, 1:1, Overscan %, pixel for pixel, original. You probably are seeing a lot of your text artifacting due to zooming to compensate for overscan.

    Edit: your text being small is due to the high 1080p resolution. A large percentage of televisions with a VGA connection only support a max resolution of only support 720p for the PC input. This will result in a less crisp image, but far more legible text. The VGA input is also less crisp than HDMI, so you end up with a softer, less jagged image. You can create a softer image by reducing your sharpness setting on your television set.
  2. vga looked great im thinking it because it set the vga channel as "PC" it was optimised for it.
    with hdmi it looks like the small text has been blurred kinda.
  3. Televisions do not have any special optimizations for VGA vs HDMI. Did you try any of my suggested fixes?
  4. no i dont really understand any of it, im just gonna buy a dvi to vga adapter, to me at 1080p vga looks better then hdmi must be somthing to do with overscan but i cant figure it out.
    my tvs vga does support 1080p because ive had it working at that.
    ive tried messing with the settings in catalyst control centre with overscan i zoom it in to remove the bad edges but cant get it to fit exactly pixel for pixel.
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