Corsair Launches Memory for AMD Athlon 64 FX with

Is there any chance THG would re-review the A64 FX using this memory? I would be interested in seeing what kind of increase in performance we should expect from the 939pin version A64 FX (which will use regular DDR400, with CAS 2, and people will actually afford it). I am even afraid to ask about the price of these modules, what I'd like to see is clearly the performance of the CPU.

<i><b>TwinX1024RE-3200LL</b> – matched pair of 512MB, registered PC3200, low-latency modules with ECC, features Corsair’s Plug-n-Frag SPD so the modules boot at advanced <b>2-3-2-6</b> latency timings with no tweaking</i>
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  1. Dunno what is do different between these and the new Kingston offering? Also a test with the different types of memories would be cool - ie: PC3200, PC 3500, etc. Would be cool to see how much difference these actually DO make.
  2. Kingston's have CAS=3 while these have CAS=2. So, the problem when using registered ECC memory for desktops, which was speed and CAS, doesn't exist anymore. Of course the price is a whole different story but at least now there IS ECC PC3200 CAS 2 memory, to check the potential of this CPU.
  3. Good find, <b>pitsi</b>! Looks like a good memory choice for Socket 940 AMD CPUs. :D

    <b><font color=blue>Oh, I can shed light on that ...</font color=blue></b>
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