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Finally found my monitor HP 2310m. any cons?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
September 9, 2010 12:14:18 AM

saw this one at office depot and best buy yesterday and liked it better than the 2509m i was considering before. staples is discontinuing the 2310m from it's store in favor of the icky matte screen S2331 which is going for near the same price. i love glossy screens and i have a feeling HP is doing away with them after the M series is done once the current models are up for the recycling bin next spring. my theory but i could be wrong. no one really carries glossy screens anymore minus apple so it pretty much is the hp for me since i like what i see except for that dumb sticker on the bezel. at staples, which only one store is carrying the last one in its stock, it is 2 one hundreds with tax and i might be able to get it for the same price online possibly.

i know people here love the ips panels but that's out of my budget and i can deal with the whites going yellowish as i saw in the store once you move to the left or right at an angle. at home i'm only looking straightforward so no big deal. does anyone here know of any glitches with this monitor? i'm replacing a 17" square samsung that i bought for 320 a few years back. i can't believe the prices of monitors now. so cheap.