How do you enlarge the font size in the address bar if you have a vision problem

Everything I have tried and advice from users does enlarge the other parts of the page, but nothing seems to enlarge the font in the address bar.
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  1. yes you can make it larger in the address bar and can change the font to whatever is easier to read--ie arial black

    works in internet explorer anyway

    will have to try and see if it works in firefox as dont really use internet explorer so not sure about other browsers
  2. okay had a try

    only works in IE--didnt work firefox--opera or google chrome

    but does work in windows explorer address bar

    this will work in internet explorer--BUT will have side effects

    ie--other parts of your system will also have larger text and the font you choose

    which may help anyway if you have a vision problem

    the names on your desktop icons will be enlarged

    when you click start the program names etc also will be enlarged

    may be a weird way to do it and not where you would expect to change settings but it did work

    1) Right-click on the desktop and click on “Personalize”.

    2) Near the bottom of the dialog box, click on the icon for “Windows Color”.

    3) In the resulting dialog box, click the link for “Advanced appearance settings

    4)in the item box select icon then a new box should appear below there with font and the size to the right of it

    5)should allow to select any font and a size up to 24

    6)apply and restart IE if its already open
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