Will these speakers work on this receiver?

I currently have a 4-5 year old sony home theater system. It came with a receiver and all the required speakers for a 5.1 setup. Now my question is will the speakers work with a newer receiver. Here is a link for my current system.


Here is a link to the receiver that I want to get.


I know that the Onkyo receiver supports 6-16 ohm impedance and the speakers that came with the sony setup use a 6 ohm impedance. My biggest question is can I the sony speakers without a possibility of them blowing out because of overload etc.
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. 6 ohms to 6 ohms is a match

    blowing out means what?
    too much heat on the voice coil because of too much electricity going to the voice coil.

    you have an RMS value and a peak value.
    if either one is too high, the coil will get hot.
    how hot is too hot? ... ask the voice coil or the manufacturer of the voice coil.
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