Win 7 Booting Issue

I can boot the ISO just fine in the bios in on one system. However the new system I just build does not boot from the cd/rom but goes straight to windows. ( Install window7 32 bit OS just to see if it would work but it is not validated)
yes - I have my cd/rom set to first priority
yes - yes that cd works
yes- both systems are compatible
There is some kind of issue with my new system but I do not know what.
Please I need help with this is I am able to use a validate window 7.
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  1. I could try.
  2. Quote:
    Might be worth a shot.:-)

    Does not work. It does not read the CD. Oppose to my previous boot list.
  3. From campus - I already check the disc it is valid AND it works on my other systems beside my new system.
  4. A window 7 32 bit OS that was burn on CD as well. I did not have a serial key for it.
  5. They burn the cd on a blank CD and then they send you a serial key.
  6. Yes, the OS that is installed on it is window 7 32 bit.
  7. The message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD...
    keyboard is not recognize at this point(however it works in windows)
    this is the problem I can not get it to enter the installation.
  8. Look, it is not the CD. I even tried offical window 7 vista 32 bit and window7 32 bit that work for the system. It does the same issue as well...there is a software to even check if the ISO is valid or not and everything came out valid. I just recently built this system, so it HAS to be something internal...last type I buy a piece of *** gigabyte again..
  9. You mean Ram? Could be possible.
  10. Quote:

    Does not work as well. =/
    It something with the keyboard.
  11. I tried what you said but it does not work.
  12. Nope, I am not sure how the usb boot up works.
  13. Appear I got it to work - USB keyboard was disabled as I found it in BIOS...pretty weird when the keyboard works during..blah nvm thank you for trying to help me with this stressful issues. ~_~
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