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Taking speakers from my computer and using them on my laptop

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August 13, 2011 7:27:30 PM

Hey everyone, I have two computers atm.. A Dell XPS 400 that i got about 5 years ago, and an ASUS G73 laptop. I am going back to college in 2 weeks, and my question is whether it is possible to take the sound system from my computer (this one,3253,l%253D1611... ) and connect it to my laptop somehow. I know there are different cables to convert it, but from what i hear, the audio cables are supposed to be black and white, whereas mine are multiple colors (green, yellow, etc). Also, the subwoofer (where all the speakers connect to) seems to connect right into the monitor, as does the volume control (in the picture, the volume control is the long speaker on top of the subwoofer). If anyone can point into the right direction as to what i need to buy, and how to connect it, I would really appreciate it..

Thanks y'all

ok, just found out more stuff.. not sure if it will be helpful, but... the 4 wires that plug into the subwoofer are the 4 speakers.. the 5th (larger) cable connects to the "central" (the long speaker in the picture) speaker in the monitor. I don't think i can disconnect the one from the monitor, but i can disconnect it from the speaker system.. So, along with the 4 wires from the speakers to the subwoofer, there are two more wires going out of the subwoofer.. one is to plug into a wall for electricity, the other splints into three different wires at the end.. a black, light green, and yellow wire. Don't know if that helps either, but I hope it does. thanks again everyone

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