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What is the normal and max operating temp of an AthlonXP 1900? The AMD Tech Bulleting shows max socket temp of 90°C. I am having funny performance problems which I am beginning to think are hardware related, and the Asus utilities show my temp right now as 88°C. Did I fry/ am I frying my processor?


- Irv Rolman, Denver
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  1. Your temps are way too high. You have not fried your cpu yet, but you will if you dont fix the problem. Make sure your fan is spinning properly, clean out the heat sink, and make sure the hsf is not installed wrong way round.
  2. DUDE YOU ARE FRYING THAT POOR THING! 90C is the line of kill temp for 1 degree over that will make the silicon become conductive. No higher than 70c

    F-DISK-Format-Reinstal DO DA!! DO DA!!
  3. Took things apart, the heatsink was coated in dust. I'm not sure how long my CPU was running at 85°+, could have been several months, as performance has been bad for a while.

    Am heading out this AM to get a new fan and some thermal compound. System is down until then.

    What is the chance my CPU is damaged?
  4. The possiblilty exists that it is history - but I would prolly say it should still work. Holding thumbs!
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