Toslilnk output to Bose Companion 5.1 Surround via mini-jack stereo


I would like to purchase an audio converter. I have an LG plasma TV that only has a Toslink (digital audio) output. I would like to hook it up to my Bose Companion 5 computer speakers which are supposed to have 5.1 surround sound, even though they only have two speakers and a sub-woofer. They connect via USB to the computer and they also have an auxiliary stereo input jack.

I was thinking of using a converter (links below) to hook up the bose to the TV. I wasn't sure which is the best for me. I want to keep 5.1 surround if possible, i have a cable that is RCA to stereo jack. I'm not sure if the stereo jack can carry 5.1 surround ?
I was hoping an expert could help me make the correct purchase.

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  1. I asked Bose and they recommended to use the cheaper version from Gefen. Since Bose is able to "synthesizes a 5.1 effect from the stereo signal"
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