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I just started using a Tripp Lite 300 Power Inverter and used a Dell Latitude 810 with it.
Not sure if this is coincidince or not but now the laptop wont charge with the AC Adapter anymore, even if plugged into regular AC plug at home or office. PC states it does not recognize the type of AC Adapter and will work slower and battery will not charge.

Is it possible that the Tripp Lite inverter did something to this AC Adapter?
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  1. Possibly. What voltage output does the PSU give?
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  2. Here are the Specs for the Tripp-Lite
    Model: PV375
    Output Power(cont): 375 Watts
    Output Pwere(peak): 600 Watts
    Outlets: 2 NEMA 5-15R
    Input Voltage: 12V DC nominal (10-15V DC)
    Output Voltage: 120V AC / 60 Hz (nominal)
    Output Waveform: Modified Sine Wave
    DC Input Connection: Cigarette Lighter/ Accessory Plug
    Max Efficiency: 90%

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  3. Specs are nice, but if the PSU is indeed malfunctioning, it's probably not going to be operating to spec. You need to measure the voltage.
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