CRT TV used as a monitor?

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to ask your opinion, I have an unused Samsung CRT TV and I wanted to ask how I could use it as a monitor for my old rig (it doesn't have a video card)? I read that it's possible by using a VGA to RCA cable. I wanted to know if there were other ways to achieve this without getting a TV box?

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    crt tv as monitor:

    yes they can be used as a monitor, however, it will look like ***. i've done it in the past just to see if it was possible and although everything displayed as it should the low resolution was not practical. if i rememeber correctly old crt televisions are 480p. this is half the resolution of even the old old 800x600 crt monitors we used to have.

    can i connect:

    you need either a video card or the motherboard in your old rig needs integrated video. without one or the other there is no component inside to actually produce the video signal. as far as exporting the signal...yes you can most likely export vga to rca. i think this is how i ended up trying it one time but i cannot quite remember as it was a long time ago.



    make sure you mean CRT TV as in a television you bought for watching cable, movies, television and not a CRT MONITOR which was bought for using with a computer. while using similar display methods a crt monitor has vastly superior resolution to a television.
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  3. Thanks a lot ssddx! Will give this one a shot! My old CRT Monitor is messed up and I just wanna see if I could use the old CRT TV as a temporary substitute. And yep, this is the a CRT TV used to watch cable.
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