China embassy employee sentenced to 1 yr jail

An Indian employed with the Chinese embassy in New Delhi has been sentenced to one year in jail for purchasing a stolen VCR from a teenage friend 13 years ago that was purloined from city police headquarters.

The Delhi court refused to accept the leniency plea of 35-year-old accused Dinesh Kumar, a Delhi resident, for release on probation on the grounds of good conduct and that he is sole bread earner of the family comprising old parents, two young children and a sister.

"Considering the fact that convict was found to be in possession of VCR and the remote stolen from the office of Senior Additional Commissioner of Police and it is well known fact that thefts as well as offence of keeping stolen goods are on the increase in the city, he does not deserve to be released on probation," Metropolitan Magistrate Ekta Gauba said.
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  1. Jeez .. .tough break.

    Life is cheap in India Prash.

    Fingers crossed he gets out early ...
  2. I hope he didnt take any office supplies when they locked him up, good way to lose two hands.
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