Optical blocking or bulb replacement?

Hello everybody,

I think maybe 4 or 5 years ago, I bought a Sony rear projection LCD hdtv that has been running perfectly until now. The color of the display now has a very heavy blue tint. Since buying the tv, I have not replaced the bulb, but the tv doesn't get used very heavily.

I was just wondering whether the tv has an optical blocking issue (which some Sony rear projection models are prone to) or if its just a simple bulb replacement I need. The blue tint is consistent over the entire screen (no blobs or dots).

Here is the model of my television:

Some background on problems on Sony rear projection televisions:

Thank you
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    It's an optical block. Though Sony sets usually get a yellowish, or green tint, there were reports of some going blue, or purple. The extended warranty ran out in 2011, but you may still be able to contact Sony for some help on your repair, if you choose to do so.

    edit: When a lamp goes, 99/100 times just stop working, and the set will begin flashing the LED on the front panel.
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