HP ZR24W vs anything else

Hi Peeps,

I've just been reading a review about the HP ZR24W. Its sounding like a good all rounder and its giving me warm and fuzzes at a nice price and 1920x1200 res.

What are peoples thoughts?

Recommendation anyone?

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  1. Well its a good monitor but for the price you pay 400$ its not worth it

    this HP model has average black level, and poor viewing angle

    also FPS gaming, ghosting will be more noticeable especially if you have a fast video card displaying high frame rates.

    i recommend the HP LP2475w

    or the NEC MultiSync EA231WMi which is a fantastic monitor for only $350

  2. Its funny, because I've heard conflicting reviews on the ZR24W. I've read about problems with the blacks, but I've also read the viewing angles are very good apart from the horizontal, which is more limited compared to other IPS panels. It shouldn't be as good as high end NEC's due to it lacking A-TW polariz.

    Also for gaming I've read its good and you need to play with the overdrive settings to reduce the ghosting. So average gaming should be fine.

    Regarding the LP2475w, I was leaning towards this panel, but I've read many bad things about it and people resorting to sending the monitor back. I don't normally put too much on these type of reviews, but I cannot disregard and I've got to re-read some reviews...

    The NEC EA231WMi has higher input speeds and response times, which won't be good for gaming. I'm sure I've already read the bit-tech review on the NEC, but I'll take another look and see what they say about it.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Yea the horizontal viewing is only good.

    i heard a lot of people having problems with some Hp monitors lately.

    The NEC EA231WMi average lag is 8 ms so its great for gaming(check out prad.de review at page 11).

    Here's another review for The NEC EA231WMi


    and if you want an in depth review with all the little details

    check out this review

  4. I'm still liking the ZR24W over the EA231WMi.

    Take a look at this review:


    Do you own the NEC?
  5. My brother owns a NEC and its fantastic,

    if i had the money id buy one immediately, without even thinking or reading any review :D

    I don't what to say about the ZR24W, in my opinion its kind of risky, you need to know how calibrated so you can get a good picture.

    it also says in the review you posted ""Poor black depth and contrast ratio at default ""

    if you find the HP attractive to you, by all means go buy it,

    im just giving you my opinion.

    You prefer 1920x1200 res?
  6. I know what you mean, its all about what you see but I cannot see any of these monitors as no shops in my local vicinity have either displays.

    Yea, I do prefer a 1920x1200 resolution. In fact I'm all about real-estate and I'd get a higher resolution if it was available and its one of the reasons I won't go to 27ich. 24 seems like a good size and I'm not sure if the extra 0.77cm width and 3.67cm high of the 24inch 1920x1200 res is worth the fuss.
  7. If you prefer 1920x1200 over 1080p which i also do, then get the HP ZR24W.
  8. Another (cheaper) option for a 1920x1200 panel is the Asus VW266H. It's 25.5 inches, 2ms response time, currently under $250 after rebate.

    Downside is TN panel of course, and poor vertical viewing angles.
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