Intel/Amd does it really matter?

Frankly I dont get it.

Why is it so important which has the absolut best performance? You see, I think that most people will buy/use either of them and be perfectly happy. Sure, they might miss out some performance, or even end up paying more for the slower one. As long its STABLE and I can do what I would like to with it.

My point being that the discussion of which is the best is like the discussions of what car, or so, is the best. Like a discussion for the sake of the discussion.

But then again there might be a more serious effect of all this, if Intel wouldn't have any competition (and they probably wont, if AMD is going out of business) we wouldn't have the same speed in CPU evolution.

Anyway, I like AMD because in the lower segment they are cheaper and I'm perfectly happy with my 1800+!

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  1. Problem is that some people will always claim that this or that is better and give advice to other .

    For now wether its low mid or high end AMD is the best but that wont stop many people from giving advice to buy a intel processor.
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