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Early this year I had some help from the great folks on Tom's Hardware forums for a build. [] With this build, I installed Windows 7 and customized the install to use the 1TB HDD for the User and Program Data folder rather than the SSD. The intent to save space on the 60GB drive for software and programs rather than working documents and storage.

I've recently received warnings that the drive is full with only MBs remaining. To continue without the errors I re-installed MS Office on the HDD freeing up just under 4GB.

So, is there a quirk that tricks Windows into thinking the drive is full?
The contents of my C: (SSD) is as follows (with approximate file/folder size):
Intel (618KB )
Millers (514MB)
PerfLogs (empty)
Program Files (4.72GB)
Program Files (x86) (3.19GB)
Windows (18.3GB)
folders.xml (1KB)
Photoshop Temp file (1.2GB)
Photoshop Temp file (1.5GB)
Photoshop Temp file (1.4GB)
Photoshop Temp file (500MB)

Two shortcuts exist on my C: drive, but they don't show they point to the D: (HDD)
Program Data (2.3GB)
Users (80.6GB)

So the math doesn't add up. Either the C: has about 32GB used or 110GB used. It's a 60GB drive. Anyone have any idea why it's showing full?
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  1. Yes, AHCI is enabled for SATA. I've also disabled Hibernate and that freed some space, but the math still doesn't work between the files installed versus what Windows is reporting as 'free' on the drive.
  2. The system in Windows 7 might have reserved some space automatically. Anyway, why don´t you try a fresh OS fresh installation into the SSD?

    Just disconnect the HDD power and SATA cables, then go for a new OS installation, then reconnect the HDD cables.
  3. Disable hibernation it takes up as much space as your RAM.
    I had 16 gig RAM, with the same SSD size and was also wondering were it was all going.

    Now a I have alot of space.
  4. Also, use disk cleanup and have it delete all but the last restore point assuming you have system restore enabled.
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