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my laptop screen does not work, nor does its hdmi or digital outputs. i am trying to extract data from my laptop. like opening data via usb device, can i just hook up the bad laptop vis usb cable to a working laptop with a usb cable?
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  1. Nope, that wont work.

    You can take the HDD out of the faulty laptop and put it into a desktop or use a SATA-USB adapter. You should be able to then just pull any data you want off it.
  2. where can i get a SATA-USB adapter and for how much? - & thank you for replying so quickly
  3. SATA-USB adapter. $13 (has a 20% promo code)

    You could also just hook it up in a desktop machine.
  4. ok so i have 2 of the same laptops. could i just switch the hard drives to the good laptop too?
  5. like the good and bad are identical.
  6. You could yes.
  7. thank you very much.
  8. so i took out the hard drive. what will happen if i unplug this hard drive and put in the old one? will it do like a restore boot up thing. and what will happen when i put the hard drive of the good computer back in its original laptop when i am done with the bad laptops hard drive? i dont want to do liek a 3 hours restore or anythign crazy. i dont want to mess my computer up
  9. If the laptops are identical, when you but the broken laptops drive in, you should just be able to boot off it as normal. For all intents and purposes it will be exactly the same as if the other laptop was still working.

    When you put the original drive back in, it should just work as normal.
  10. alright, here goes nothing. i'll let you know how it went when i get back. thanks again.
  11. dont know if your asleep or not but everythings working smoothly, i extracted the music off the bad laptop. i even got the digital working back on the laptop so i can start using it again. thanks! really appreciate it!
  12. Just past 6:30pm here in Aus, hardly time for bed yet :lol:.
    Glad to see I could help.
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