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MS trying to take over the browser war again...

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September 16, 2002 2:04:09 AM

Yep. Ever since SP1 I can't run mozilla 1.1 for more than 10 minutes without it crashing on me. No problems with it before SP1 though...


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September 16, 2002 2:17:30 AM

lol.. and your complaint is? :) 

September 16, 2002 2:22:03 AM

MS won the browser war the second AOL bought out Netscape. They won the IM war also.

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September 16, 2002 3:29:41 AM

Heh, I know... I was just joking around a bit. Seriously though, I like mozilla better than IE. Granted, not all of the java I try to view works perfectly in mozilla, but the tabs sure do rock.

If my baby don't love me, I know, I know, her sister will.
September 16, 2002 3:39:44 AM

Hmm.. I like IE. Of course, I have a dial-up connection and can't download anything, because it takes six hours, or more. LoL :smile:

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September 17, 2002 3:52:47 AM

Hey, did you check out Toey's recommendation for Crazy Browser? Tabs and more...

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