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I have an acer labtop that now has a virus that wont even let me download norton to it. i have tried to restore it back to factory setting but I am getting no where fast. I don't have any recovery discs or made in back up disc. How do I restore my computer???
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  1. If disks didn't come with it, there may be a hidden recovery partition on it. If it has one, you can access it by hitting f5 or some other function key when you first turn the computer on.
  2. i agree with that about the hidden recovery partition on it... sometimes hitting f5 or some other function key will not work...i strongly suggest that you go to and order the recovery software..only about 22 dollars.i think that it isa worth a try concidering that a hard drive may cost 4 times that amount...if you dont want to gamble on it, then wait a little while...i have already ordered my recovery disk.....wait for my results please,...
  3. Thank you both very much but i have hit the F8 butoon and it took me to a recovery screen but then said that the file was to corrupt to recover the virus is that strong it is slow shut down all the functions of my computer. i don't know what to do now...but i think I will go to the website. thank you again!!!
  4. i installed the recovery disk from acer and everything is good i am trying to deal with my sreeen going white ..
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