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HP8550 Yellow Splodges following toner refresh


I have just replaced the toners in my HP 8550 and now I have yellow splodges all over the pages when printing in colour (not in mono) - I am guessing that some yellow toner escaped, but I dont know where to start cleaning - any ideas please?
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    It sounds like it could be a bad "wiper blade" on the toner. This is somewhat common when reusing an old toner, i.e. if you bought the toner from a discount supplier like TonerPirate. To make sure, try doing a few cleaner pages and see if that works things out.
  2. Many thanks for the prompt response - I suspect you are right - forgive my ignorance, but what are 'cleaner pages' - is it special media, or is there a menu setting?
  3. Either on the printer itself (if it has a small screen on it) or within the software options, there should indeed be a cleaner page option.
  4. can you put the old toner cartridge back in.. is the probblem gone after you do this? you probably have a faulty toner cartridge.
  5. If your looking for a replacement toner for the HP 8550 check out
    they have discount pricing on genuine HP toners.
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