Powering a car amplifier at home

Hello, i was poking around and came across using computer power supply to give power to my amp, however I noticed a better way to power my amp. The second method is by using a ham radio amplifier from this website http://www.jetstream-usa.com/jtps45.shtml. ****I need to know if it's even possible to power my amp with this device****; notice the 45 amp output on the front.
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  1. swoop to some measurement devices.

    you need to know voltage too.
    if the pieces are good for the voltage, what is the voltage droop when connected to the output of the power supply?
    what is the amperage requirement of the amp?

    you need to know amperage requirement first.. because if you plug in the ham radio power supply and the audio amplifier sucks the poor powersupply into collapsing, you could then ruin the power supply.
    kinda like plugging the amp into the power supply and the power supply pops like putting a needle to a balloon.
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