Mic to amplifier to laptop through usb

I am a teacher, I use mic which is connected to amplifier and which in turn is connected to speakers. This setup is working fine.
I recently bought a laptop with an intention to record my classroom lectures. This laptop doesnt have an audio in port, it has audio out and usb ports. Can someone give me low cost solution for my problem?
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    Does your amp have an audio out using rca cables?

    I think you need something like this:
  2. hi,
    Thanks for the reply,
    i think these cables might help, i will try them,
    i have one more question
    the amplifier has only one out, i need two outs for recording and speaker connection, i tried a splitter which splits one out to two outs, it didnt wrk properly while recording, do you have any suggestion?
  3. What kind name and model and amp is it?

    It's hard to offer advice if we don't know what we are working with.

    It could be something also, in terms of recording on how you have your laptop is set up for recording.
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