Which 4 or 5 button mouse (win7)


So I would like to get a basic (affordable) optical wired mouse that has 4 or 5 buttons.

What I would like to do with the extra button is to make to click as Shift + Middle click in a normal 3 button mouse. In Google Chrome it will open a link into the new tab and automatically activate that new tab (which is what I want).

Is there any possibilities out there?

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  1. Thanks. I read some reviews and came to the conclusion that I need to drop the "affordable" or "basic" from the equation. Also I decided I need more buttons :) Seems like there is quite a difference between mouses (mice) after all... nothing is easy when it comes to buying stuff.
  2. Indeed. Just like anything else involving PC's, there's always a new take on something simple. I'd recommend trying google's shopping results, as that's where I found the mouse above.
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