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Hello, I am looking for a new Plasma screen TV and I was wondering if some of you guys could help me, I have no experience with Plasma screen TV's or any TV's for that matter so I was wondering if any of you guys could point me towards some good brands or TV's you recommend. I am looking for a Plasma screen TV that is around 50 inches and is full 1080p with the usual 600Hz, 3D does not matter at all because I will never use it and to be honest 3D sucks. I have my sight on a TV already but I have heard some bad things about LG and I don't think I want to take the chance but please tell me if it is a good TV. Here it is


Is this a good TV?

Hope you guys can help me out!
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    Go look at Panasonic high end plasma TVs. I haven't seen any other TVs beat Panasonic's plasmas in terms of picture quality. And idk what you heard about LG but their LEDs are one of the best. Their plasmas is definitely not as good but you're not taking any chance with their LEDs.
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