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I was wondering, if i have a .avi file that is 720p/1080p am i able to burn it into a DVD disc? Or is it really the amount of free space a blank DVD can take to determine whether you can burn something into it or not?
If i was able to burn the 720p/1080p .avi file in the DVD disc, if i play it on a DVD player would it play as 720p/1080p or will it automatically downgrade to DVD quality which i pressume is 360p/480p?

Really hope someone could help me.
Thank you.
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  1. DVDs can only store movies that are 480p due to 720p and 1080p being very large files ?
  2. You can place the file on a DVD if you make it a data disk, which can play in your computer (if the file size fits), however it won't play off a DVD player.

    If you try to burn it as a playable DVD I'm not exactly sure what would happen. It would either

    1. Not burn at all and reject the file (most likely)
    2. Down-convert to 480p
    3. Or burn fine then be unplayable in the DVD player due to an unsupported resolution.
  3. 720/1080p files are typically rather large. only a short video would fit on a dvd disk.

    i've never heard of making a playable 720/1080p dvd disk but you might want to do a quick google search on the matter. if there is one thing i've learned it is to never discount any theory until you proove it otherwise.

    if your idea fails you always have other options:

    -use your pc to play data disks and have a hdmi cable hooked up to your pc.
    -use a portable hard drive a the source and have a device which is capable of pulling from it such as a ps3.
    -burn to blueray disks (not very cost effective unless you have alot of files though!)\
    -downgrade to 480p for use on dvd.
  4. just use blu-ray disc thats what i use to make blu-rays .
  5. Dual layer data DVD-R has enough capacity for an HD movie (8.5 gb). You would have to see what file types the player will handle. Check the specs.
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