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Hello guys,i am using Dell inspiron 6400.I have been playing karaoke games but since a week ago my microphone takes my voice wrongly.I mean i sing properly but whereas i do lower voice it takes it higher and i cant play the game because of that.Is it sth about options or should i change my mic?

EDIT:I have tried to make a recording but there was just sizzle when i listened my recording so probably the problem is with my mic,eh?
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  1. Karaoke has a voice pitch control, you need to find the controls.
  2. You mean the ones on the computer right?Btw that mic i used got warmer when i tried to use ,it was so warm that my hand almost got burnt.With the new mic i tried to do it again and record in order to see whether theres sth wrong or not but there were sizzle again.
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