Cleaning Thermal Compound from CPU's

Just a quick question. What do people use to clean the thermal compound off an old CPU. I'm, putting a new CPU in one of my computers, and don't want to damage the old processor(AMD), by using something to harsh on the CPU.

I was planning to use plain old rubbig alcohol to clean it. Will this damage my old CPU?

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Natural alcohol or 91% isopropyl alcohol would be best. Alcohol evaporates very quickly and cuts through thermal grease like nothing. Not sure about thermal(wax) pads though.

    Your alcohol is probaly 70% isopropyl (30% water). It will work, but it won't be quite as clean. Doesn't evaporate as quickly either, but that's not a big issue. Just make sure there is no voltage running to your CPU when you clean it ;').

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  2. Acetone based nail-polish remover works very, very well. Just try to get something that is as additive free as possible. I think it cleans up a bit better than alcohol.
  3. Thanks guys, I feel more comfortable now.
  4. Your on the mark Pal!!

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  5. I use hot water and dishwashing detergent. The core is sealed, their's no place to get water inside. Just shake the water off after rinsing and allow to air dry.

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