Network Scanner - what program do I need?


I have a Ricoh Afica 2035 printer / scanner

The printer is 2nd hand. It is a big one (office based printer not home based)
The Printer is connected to the network via Ethernet and not connect directly to any of the PCs

I have downloaded the printer drivers from the Ricoh website - the printer works fine.
I have downloaded the Twain scanner drivers from the Ricoh website.

I installed the Twain drivers on the new PCs (Windows 7 proffesional 32 bit)

I have been told I need to get a program that a allows me to connect to the printer using the Twain drivers.

Ricoh don't seem to offer any of these (strange) - I tried the Richo help desk - as the printer is 2nd hand (and hence we dont have a support agreement) they would not talk to me.

I have been searching the internet for twian network scanner programs that work with Windows 7 - so far no joy.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can use?

Many thanks
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  1. The shoe scam spammer who you reported as hijacking your post has been banned (again).

    To answer your question;

    You may be able to test whether the scanner part is actually working by downloading a free trial version of Vuescan or Silverfast -- Google or see usual download sites (FileHippo, MajorGeeks, CNET).

    Otherwise I would do a close search of the Ricoh site -- presumably the Twain driver exists.

    Ricoh may just be bloody-minded but more likely if the printer/scanner isn't a consumer product it's probably sold via a business-to-business dealership who handle support.
  2. Thanks for your advice - I will do as you said.

    I have the twian driver from Ricoh - I just have no way of adding the scanner as a device.
    You are right about the business to business supply - the scanner/printer was bought 2nd hand from another business that was going bust.
    I have tried the 'support' number on the printer - that rang dead, I tried the email address and no reply - no bounce though either. I may yet get this working :-)
  3. So presumably you need a driver for Windows for the scanner (which you'd expect to be bundled with the pinter driver as this is a multifunction applicance).

    Incidentally, I have come up against a similar issue with a film scanner -- resolutely refused to work except via Photoshop Elements.
  4. Hi i have bought the ricoh sp112su and i am running into the same issue did u ever solve this issues on how to actually use the scanner part i got it out of the box printer works great but no way to scan so far going to try to contact ricoh just wondering thanks
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