Avi to dvd?

what is an avi file, and is it possible to convert it to dvd quickly to play on a region 2 dvd player?
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  1. An .avi is like a .zip file. They are both container objects that you can put whatever you want inside of it. It could be a video file that contains an xvid file, or a divx file, or a h.264 file, etc. Its not like an .wmv file which can only contain windows media.

    There are many ways to transcode a file from one format to another. Some are free, some or not. Nero 7 and up has the ability to do this (not the basic version of nero), as well as programs like DVDsanta, convertXtoDVD, etc. I'm not sure of a good free one, perhaps this list can help. You probably want to wait for someone to suggest one.

  2. Creating DVDs is a bit of a pain in the neck, especially if you don't know about encoders and stuff.
    But if you have to there are a million ways.

    Best freeware from my experience is AVI2DVD. Just use the pre-sets and give it a whirl.
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