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Planning to buy a laptop and have decided to go for Satellite L500-ST5507 but i couldn't find any reviews on the same.

Guys please provide your valuable feedback and I am looking for day today computing and looking for high performance.

Thanks in advance.
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    Toshiba is definitely in my top 3, if not #1 favorite laptop brand. Years of fixing laptops - and I've concluded that they are very much like German cars.

    Most people don't realize it, because they only see from the outside. But under the hood, there is typically close attention to detail.

    Granted, all the laptop companies cut corners, Toshiba does it the least IMO.

    Looks like a great system, two thumbs up if you get a deal!
  2. I'll second ampedal. I've owned Toshiba laptops for several years. The first one lasted about six years, and I just handed the last one that I bought in 2005 to my brother. I'm now looking at buying this one (A Satellite L505 with 4GB memory and a Core i3-m330 processor, if the link's dead). It's been my experience also that they're quite a reliable brand, and a fairly recent study has borne that out.

    You should be very happy with it. Let us know how it works out for you.
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